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As a business owner or Human Resources Professional, you may or may not be aware of your compliance obligations and the penalties and judgments when these areas are not met.


ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), HIPPA, Non-Discrimination, Health Care Reform, Federal Mandates, etc are all areas where potential liabialities exist. 


Are you concerned that you are not prepared in the event of a "DOL Audit" and may have potential fines and penalties?


Are you unsure how the "Employer Mandate" affects your business and whether you are required to offer coverage?


Does your current broker just go on an "Obamacare Rant" and emphasize how they have been doing this for 30 years etc, etc, and yet doesn't offer solutions to the current state of affairs?


Do you have a "Compliance Dashboard" that alerts you of new and upcoming requirements?


Do you have a resource for your Human Resource Professional to view "Best HR Practices and Resources"


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